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The system that follows a standard in the classification and labeling of chemicals is known as the GHS or Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This very clear and all-inclusive system basically presents the following: It states a definition of the hazardous effects of chemicals whether environmental, physical and health hazards. With the aid of the data on the chemical, this process is able to make a match with the hazard criteria. The safety measures to be taken on the labels and safety data sheets are also given. The use and production of chemicals is crucial in every country and its economy. The chemical business in more advanced countries is equivalent of billions and they earn billions from the export of chemicals. These chemicals have a certain influence on our lives. Chemicals affect the lifestyle both individually and nationally. Sectors such as agriculture, transport, and trade were led to come up with regulations in the use of these chemicals. The proper way of producing, transporting and utilizing chemicals is made possible through the use of safety guidelines. In this way GHS is very important in determining health and ambiance.


Safety precautions can be practiced by people as GHS provides labels and or signs which will enable the people to practice the necessary precautions to avoid any accidents. Some of the individuals who fall under this category are the general public, the workers, the emergency respondents, and the customers. These classifications and labeling processes are known both in the national level and in the international level. In relation to this, a sample situation would be is one nations thinks of a certain product differently or oppositely from another nation like a flammable product being considered by a nation while inflammable being considered by another nation. Due to the implementations brought about by the GHS, there is harmony between the definitions of hazard and label information among various US regulatory agencies. The implementations done or brought about by the GHS resulted in the enhancement and safety of the human health and the ease of international trading.


If ever a company is negatively remarked or reviewed by the GHS, this company will be given a sanction or penalty where the company is obliged to make or create a chemical which will be beneficial to the masses. Working in confined spaces safely can now be an assurance because of this.


Following these guidelines will help in regulating the production and distribution of these chemicals. So to prevent accidents and injury, it is best to follow the guidelines in handling chemicals. The safety of the people is still the most imperative. It is our duty to make sure that the harm caused by chemicals are prevented. Go to to read more.