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People all over the world are exposed to different chemicals that produced, distributed and used every day. Various chemicals are a daily risk to people of any ages, races, speaking different languages and those belonging to different socio-economic groups. 


So you might be asking what is the GHS or Globally Harmonized System. To safely manage the risk of extensive global trade of chemicals, it was recognized that an international harmonized approach to classification and labelling of chemicals will not only save money but also gives a higher level of protection. You can now be able to manage SDS with an app on your phone.


Developed by many countries gathering together, GHS was developed in order to agree a one set of information labelling. GHS sets the definitions and classification hazards of chemicals, and shows health and safety information on labels with material data sheets about safety. The objective is to have the same structure, same set of procedures for classifying hazards and content for labels and safety information that should be used around the globe.  


As chemical goods are shipped in between many different countries, global harmonization is needed. Systems of classification and labelling of chemicals vary in these different countries. Many different systems occur even within some countries. Because of this, the system has become expensive for governments to regulate and costly for companies to comply differing systems as they ship from one country to the next. Not only that, the confusion has led to risking the safety of the workers involved. 


All hazardous chemicals and chemicals used in work, during transport, consumer products, pesticides and pharmaceuticals are included in the GHS system. GHS or safety data sheets - SDS is to serve workers, transport workers, emergency responders and consumers. 


The  GHS has two very important features. Classifying chemicals is the first system. Using elements that existed in the past, this system used the elements. Labels like signal words, hazard statements and symbols are hazards and precautionary information will appear.


The GHS system basically presents all the standards and guides the differentiation and labelling of chemicals. The system outlays the environmental, physical and health hazards. It classifies the chemicals and match it with the hazard criteria with the aid of data.


It also gives information about the safety measures that should be incorporated on labels and safety sheets. Production and usage of chemicals are of vital importance to every country and its economy. Chemicals have influence over our lives, affect the health and lifestyle of every individual and hence the nation. Transport, agriculture, trade and others have made wise regulations with the usage of chemicals.


For those who are easily exposed to chemicals, GHS gives a guideline on how chemical hazards can be easily identified and prevented. In both national and international level, the processes of classification and labelling are on hand. To read more, check out