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Everyday, in our lives, in most places like chemical laboratories, industries, places we work or even at home, we use certain chemicals for different purposes. If not handled with care, it could be unsafe for us since chemicals are used in terms of handling and transportation. A system called the GHS or the Globally Harmonized Systems of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals has received the obligation in handing out Safety Data Sheets regarding every chemicals used to assure the safety of the chemicals used. Check out this SDS app to guide you when working in a confined space entry.


The GHS approved the Safety Data Sheet contain information about a chemical and details like it if is toxic or not, how risky it can be or if it is unsafe for our health. It also contains instructions for safe handling and directions for its safe and sound transportation without causing you any possible damage. The Sheets classifies the chemicals based on hazard level, and categorize them into extreme harmful, moderate or less harmful according to the chemical characteristics.


Almost everywhere, chemicals are used. The GHS has made standard rules for the companies giving the Safety Data Sheets to people assigned to transport the chemicals, and to assure that they are always aware of the extent of damage the chemicals can cause them if not treated carefully.


A statement from the GHS that it is the obligation of the transport and regulation control personnel of a company to ensure everyone is doing their best in using the Sheets provided for them. Information regarding the risks involving a move in a particular chemical and whether the exposure level of toxic nature is instant or prolong is also found on the data sheets. Also, there are details of what precautionary measures must be taken, what should be done in order to prevent a threat or what should be immediately taken care of if someone happened to come in contact with it.


Having a Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals has numerous benefits. With GHS, buying and selling chemicals is more simpler and easier because everyone has the same information and regulations to work off of. There is only one uniform standard of shipping and handling chemicals as opposed to having to change containers or changing the label based upon where the chemicals are located, this is why GHS reduces the operation costs for companies. The GHS is increasing the safety of handling chemicals due to workers and public safety officials having the information to respond to chemical spills or accidents. 


All of the information about the symbols, statements, and general information about the chemical are also in the safety data sheets. So, GHS is beneficial for everyone. Visit for more details.